2017-18 Group Photos


A big THANK YOU to the school reps who organized the photos for their respective schools.  


Jackson Academy Sub Debs

top row from left to right: Sydney Guy, Sara Evelyn McClintock, Emily Burks, Katie Carter, Elizabeth Childress, Sarah Grea Walker, Gabby Healy, Virginia Perry, Anna Roberts, Mary Liz Black
middle row from left to right: Katherine Hudson, Lillie Walker, Caroline Childress, Olivia Stringer, Emma Ward, Brehan Whitehead, Kellan Clower, Hadley Brennan, Mary Mitchell, Maggie Smith, Allie Perkins
bottom row from left to right: Lindsey Nosef, Isabelle Temple, Sydney Simmons, Sara Brooks Adams, Emma Lucas

St. Joseph's Sub Debs

From left: Leah Blevins senior, Anna Chris Nicholas sophomore, Leila de Gruy junior, Ellie Heilman, Isabella Antanaros, Mary Grace Stewart, Amelia Ladner, Alexandra Ladner all juniors.  Not pictured: Emily Hinds senior, Katherine Copeland sophomore, Caleigh Hankins junior, Julianna Ladner sophomore.

Jackson Prep Sub Debs

Back Row: Mary Brooke Brown, London Lovertich, Caroline Dreher, Anna Grace Morgan, Sarah Gregg, Mary Pettey Hardin, Julia Zouboukos, Mary Virginia Baldwin, Madeline Phillippi, Anna Belson, Blakely Henchcliff, Elizabeth Watson, Sarah Douglas Craig, Alice Ann Hollingsworth, Kate Oliver, Kathryn Weir, Elizabeth Downing, Liz Heigle, Sara Scott Gideon, Leigh Hardin Middle Row: Allie Wise, Michelle Dauschbach, Annie Watkins, Sara Hederman, Kathleen Myers, Blakely Amis, Lauren Nickles, Campbell Perkins, Cassidy ZumMallen, Mackenzie Shoemaker, Ainsley O'Quinn, Gayle Grantham, Mary Noble Howard, Anna Reagan Mask Front Row: Olivia Clapp, Ellie Rogers, Hartley Carroll, Brennan Joy Hight, Maggie Rutledge, Maddie Grace Puckett, Andrea McCaa, Summer Wheat, Abigail Metcalf, Olivia Moore, Haley Green


Madison Ridgeland Academy Sub Debs

From top row, left to right: Sarah Turnipseed, Lauren Head, Leigh Tucker, Isabella Sanderson, Savannah McIntosh, Jill Horner, Mae Correro, Caroline Loeb,
Second row, left to right: Emory Ware, Haleigh Hall, Cali Chance, Reece Ducrest, Campbell Owens, Mollie Potter, Anna Lutz
Third row, left to right: Anna Claire Campbell, Emma Wilson, Audrey Harper (rep.), Laura Lee Boyles (rep.), Nikki Tullos
Not pictured: Alexandra Collum, Jacqueline Ingram (rep.), Ellie Blewett, Gracie Potts, Sara Carson Hailey
Madison Central Sub Debs
Top left to right: Anna Potts, Mallory Sullivan, Skylar Kelly, Isabella Borgos, Jalyn Kelly, Anna Beth Bowman
Bottom left to right: Garland Carmichael, Emilee Collins, Rachel Kaiser, Allie Moore, Macie Railsback
St. Andrew's Sub Debs
Back, L-R: Miley Ray, Alix Ebner, Keller Sharp, Mary Elizabeth Needham, Anna Jordan Hendrix  Front, L-R: Ann Ross Berry, Mirren Viola, Kate Rodenmeyer
Park Place Christian Academy Sub Debs
L-R: Sybil Roberson, Lauryn Jones
Germantown Sub Debs
L-R: Olivia Irby, Cara Metz, Abby Vance, Annabelle Dear.
Hartfield Academy Sub Debs
L-R: Chloe Steed, Anna Joy Powell
East Rankin Academy Sub Debs
L-R: Kariana Simmons, Riley Scoles

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